Track 046: Paul’s Perspective: AMERIKKKA by Isaiah The Prophet

Isaiah The Prophet is a man of many hats –literally. Not only is he a model but he’s also a fashion consultant and has his own clothing line VisionforStyles. But, right now we’re here to talk about his music, specifically his debut album AMERIKKKA. A stylized title that’s all too familiar in 2020, the project tackles the struggles of being black in this country through a series of tracks, speech samples and subject matter enhancing features. At only 10 tracks he gets straight to the point with his message every time. “When listening to this project I want people to actually listen and take in everything I’m saying, because I was always was one to make sure my songs have meaning and substance in every song, verse, or hook. I want to be the artist that can relate to the younger generations as well as the older generations, standing out from other artists in my creativity, word play, delivery and flow.”

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Track 045: Paul’s Perspective: Stop Killing Us by ConSCious feat. Mahjestiq

Protest songs can come in a variety of forms. They can be rooted in a combination of accessibility and truth like “Fight The Power” or “Alright” or show a new side of an artist like “The Bigger Picture”. They can be rooted in unity rather than aggression like “Glory” or a combination of the two like “Take the Power Back”. Protest songs will continue to be made as long as people continue to be oppressed. However, the most heartfelt protest songs often only have one or two people giving their take on the world they live in and a hook that reinforces their points or no hook at all. Rapper ConSCious takes this approach in his single “Stop Killing Us” whose title tells you exactly where he stands on the matter. And yes, the “SC” is capitalized for a reason as he hails from South Carolina and wants people to know that off rip.

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Track 044: Top 5 from Two Sides w/ Mystic

When December arrives it means the Album of the Year lists are coming out. It’s fun to have healthy debates over who did what best and see how people rank various projects. I especially enjoy doing this with people who I know will have a different perspective than me so I can gain a new viewpoint. This year I have recruited Mystic to do this with me. Mystic is both a visual and music artist and also has a YouTube channel. I’ve been following him for awhile now and can find him sharing/jamming out to music on his story practically every day. He’s wanted to do a written piece with me for a while and I figured this would be the perfect chance for this to happen. We have both picked five of our favorite projects from this year and reviewed each other’s choices. Hopefully, reading our takes puts you on to something new or gives you a new perspective on something you’ve already heard!

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Track 043: Paul’s Perspective: My Friend, Ruby by Zaamwé

Concept projects are a way for an artist to take their music to the next level of auditory entertainment. They can be used to convey information, tell a story or a combination of the two. Through skits, soundbites, intros, outros etc we are transported into a movie without a screen. Zaamwé’s My Friend, Ruby is a concept EP built on the multi dimensional layers of the relationship between the titular Ruby and Zaamwé. The EP’s parallels to a movie extend to the fact Zaamwé wrote, performed and produced all the songs like a powerhouse director. 

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Track 042: Paul’s Perspective: Quarantine Thoughts by D.T.M.

Quarantine Thoughts is the debut EP by D.T.M. which stands for Daniel The Messenger. Across the six tracks we find him discussing his origins, struggles, observations and happiness over warm as well as eerie production. This variety of topics and moods is a direct reflection of how he prides himself in his versatility. “There’s songs for everybody” he told me prior to the project’s release. It’s a brief but effective tape that showcases what he can do at this point and how he can only go up from here.  With such descriptive lyrics it’s only right we get music videos to go with some of these tracks and we can expect them all to come soon.

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Track 041: Paul’s Perspective: Ashes by AANI

Let’s get one thing straight out the gate. AANI classifies the music they create as “ElectraBrassPop” and I will be addressing it as such. The name “AANI” is also creative as it comes with a full backstory and multiple meanings.

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Track 039: Paul’s Perspective: Diamond by Rocko Santana

Once known for reviewing music and movies on YouTube, Rocko Santana has shifted his focus to the world of creating his own music. His latest official single “Diamond” is coated in authenticity and uniqueness as one would expect from someone so well versed in the art of what sounds good and what doesn’t. It’s a feel good hip hop track with a focus being for the ladies. “I wanted to make a song for women to feel sexy too. Make them feel Independent. Top Shelf at all cost.” Rocko tells me

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Track 038: Paul’s Perspective: BLEED by Sierra Shante

Before this past month, artist Sierra Shante had not dropped music in a year. She’s now returned with TWO new freestyles over some beats you more than likely will recognize. After having been in Atlanta most of her life, it’s no surprise she has a natural talent for music. Today we’re here to talk about one of her new freestyles titled “BLEED”, a three minute “lyrical lecture from the OG” as she calls it in the SoundCloud description.

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