Track 041: Paul’s Perspective: Ashes by AANI

Let’s get one thing straight out the gate. AANI classifies the music they create as “ElectraBrassPop” and I will be addressing it as such. The name “AANI” is also creative as it comes with a full backstory and multiple meanings.

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Track 039: Paul’s Perspective: Diamond by Rocko Santana

Once known for reviewing music and movies on YouTube, Rocko Santana has shifted his focus to the world of creating his own music. His latest official single “Diamond” is coated in authenticity and uniqueness as one would expect from someone so well versed in the art of what sounds good and what doesn’t. It’s a feel good hip hop track with a focus being for the ladies. “I wanted to make a song for women to feel sexy too. Make them feel Independent. Top Shelf at all cost.” Rocko tells me

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Track 038: Paul’s Perspective: BLEED by Sierra Shante

Before this past month, artist Sierra Shante had not dropped music in a year. She’s now returned with TWO new freestyles over some beats you more than likely will recognize. After having been in Atlanta most of her life, it’s no surprise she has a natural talent for music. Today we’re here to talk about one of her new freestyles titled “BLEED”, a three minute “lyrical lecture from the OG” as she calls it in the SoundCloud description.

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Track 036: Paul’s Perspective: So Far, Gone by Samuel Slater

Sometimes singing about a situation is much easier than talking about it. Enter “So Far, Gone” the debut solo single from artist Samuel Slater who hails from Bournemouth, England. It’s a song that sounds like the sun while managing to weave some creative moments in seamlessly too. The cover art which Samuel shot with his good friend/collaborator Joe Kennedy (who also shot the music video) captures the atmosphere of the song perfectly with a light and simplistic approach with just the right amount of color. 

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Track 035: Paul’s Perspective: The Pimp Chronicles Ep. 1 by Dino Smokes x Smooth3x

With music heads, the topic of who has the best producer tag often comes up. I’d like to bring a new one to the conversation with Dino Smokes’ “How’d you get your smoke like that?” You’re sure to hear this tag all over his latest EP The Pimp Chronicles Ep. 1 which is actually a collaborative project with Smooth3x. At 4 tracks the duo takes us through a few different moods accented by creative production choices and deliveries that enhance the various tones the tracks provide. 

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Track 0034: A Decade of Visual Iconicness Vol. 1

Creating playlists is one of my favorite things to do as you probably know. Having a central theme for them helps tie each track together perfectly and working on transitions is not a quick task. For this entry in #PlaylistsByPaul however, I wanted to do something new. This time the Playlist is collaborative and there’s a written piece to go along with it. My Collaborator, Terrionna Brockman, is the owner/founder/creator of which is the first black owned website I ever wrote for.

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Track 033: Paul’s Perspective: Prepared 4 Takeoff by Illahatan

Illahatan is a unique artist in every sense of the word. Her look consisting of crystals, waist beads, and (currently) blonde hair bring the galactic sounds throughout her production from the speaker to real life. Also, this production is done by her 90% of the time so she completely controls the atmosphere, tone and feel of her music by what she says as well as what we hear while it is being said. Sometimes, we get to completely focus on her production skills as she has several instrumental EPs and singles out. Her latest single “Prepared 4 Takeoff” is self produced as well and has an interesting twist to it that puts it in a lane all its own.

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Track032: It’s Just A Phase

When you’ve been listening to music for years there are bound to be artists that you stay with for your whole life and others that only were in the rotation heavy for a certain phase. Musical phases are directly connected to your mindset, your taste, the friends around you and your environment. Of course, the cliche “good music is timeless” saying could cancel out this entire topic but we’re going to ignore it for the time being. I’m going to talk about the phases I went through and share various ideas I and my fellow listeners had at the time and hopefully some of you can relate. (woo!)

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